The large Sainsbury’s is fully operational complete with large undercroft car park, dentist, cafe, home wares and clothing .Construction of further apartments are ongoing . The overall design comprises a large central block surrounded by eight to eleven storey apartments, two tower blocks on the river rising to eleven storeys and sixteen storeys, enclosing a central garden area, alas unseen from street level. . The façade of the old distillery building on Townmead Road has been successfully retained. The first two residential blocks were completed and handed over to residents in June 2014.

The Fulham Society objected as the development is providing yet more tower blocks and expensive flats along the river but it is delighted with the conversion of the jetty. This is now being used as an Environmental Centre. The Hammersmith and Fulham Urban Studies Centre and the Hammersmith Community Gardens hosted their first community event there on 7 December 2013 and organised river inspired nature activities such as creating a river creature, birdwatching, making Christmas wreaths and taking a quiz on Fulham Wharf’s history.

Controversially these days, the initial selling was directed at Eastern emerging markets.  The developers were encouraging investors – as opposed to residents – to buy.  Of the 95 apartments on the eastern side of the block only 9 remained unsold by May 2014. This is a disturbing story. The Fulham Society has long opposed these developments especially along the river front not only on the grounds of their bulk and height and often the enclosed effect of the design, but also because of their impact on the social aspects of the community.  The sold properties have very low occupancy levels which destroys any sense of a living community.