gas holder 7 2

On Monday 8th May Members of Fulham Society were invited to meet National Grid representatives to discuss the requirement of dismantling gas holder 7 before the site is is fully compliant with the S106 obligations . The main reason explained in detail is that the new gas main corridor clips the edge of the gas holder . The  new main gas supplies over 250,000 customers across West London and can only be carried out during a period of low demand ( forecast to be June 2018 )

National Grid are renegotiating their undertaking to leave the gas holder in place  with Hammersmith and Fulham and in doing so have looked more closely at how they can incorporate actual parts of the gas holder within the new scheme or use some of the patterns as design devices within the new buildings.

St William the developers of the Gasworks submitted a hybrid planning application in July 2016 after holding  public exhibitions during summer 2016

The previous public exhibition was held at Imperial Wharf during April  . Fulham Society committee members were invited to go through the proposals in detail with the Architects on the 13th April .

The scheme taking shape  accommodates predictably some tall buildings , the tallest of which at 27 storeys would sit within a water filled moat.

The listed gas holder would sit in the middle of an acre of green space described as a park with other communal space accommodating a possible market area, small cafe  and shops

The scheme includes commercial  space, workshops and retail space and would provide around 1400 homes with 600 parking spaces. The affordable element has to be negotiated yet .

Fulham Society commented on the planning application . The scheme has some laudable elements , allowing for permeability with the surrounding streets but  over all would be hugely over developed with any open spaces being in shadow of some very tall buildings . There are no proposals included in the scheme to increase public transport to the area .

The planning application for the ‘decommissioning’, in other words, demolition, of the five disused gasholders on the Imperial Road site was filed  in November with the Council by National Grid and consent has been granted. Decommissioning of the site will take until late 2018

Fulham Society , with public support has looked to retain the large gasholder – No 7 dating from 1877-1879 beside Imperial Road – whose framework is still very visible from the road. Whilst it doesn’t look feasible to retain it in the existing position in tact assurances have been given by the designers that they still look to incorporate parts of the structure within the scheme somehow. demolition of this particular gasholder will not be permitted until a full planning consent has been given for the whole site. Not a very satisfactory position, but better than immediate demolition.

More information on the site’s history can be found in the Society’s previous update here.