Probably the oldest gas holder in the world gas holder 2 is now to be Grade 2 *listed . This designation is described for’ particularly important buildings of more than special interest’.

The Imperial Gas Company purchased the Sandford Manor Estate in Fulham in 1824 for use as a gas holder station. The first gas holder was erected a little south of Sandford Manor in 1824, a second one following soon after and two more being added in 1827. A listed gas holder dating from 1830 still stands on the site . It is the oldest known gas holder built during the reign of George IV.

From 1908 until 1917 a low gravity gas was made and stored separately on the site for transmission to the Hurlingham Club where it was used for ballooning !

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An application was submitted by National Grid, the owners  of the site of this large 17 acre site to dismantle the gas holders. Alongside the application they have asubmitted a master plan for the site that will establish the framework for the future development of the site . for more detail go to www.imperialroadgasholders.com

Fulham Society broadly welcomes the redevelopment of the site and originally asked for gasholder 7 also to be  retained (dated 1877) , the employment zone safeguarded and affordable homes for local people provided as part of the scheme. Gas holder 7 cannot be saved whole but parts of the frame will be incorporated in to the scheme