The Town Hall of the London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham is situated in Hammersmith but it is the Town Hall for both parts of the borough.


Hammersmith & Fulham Council scrapped earlier plans for the regeneration of the Town Hall and the area around it and commissioned leading architects Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners to work up a new scheme.  The Council has a new development partner, A2 Dominion, a not-for-profit housing provider and is taking the opportunity to be more ambitious about the renovation.


The 1970s Town Hall extension will be demolished and a substantial new public space created in front of a restored Town Hall.  The development will provide a new modern cinema, at least 50% genuinely-affordable housing for local residents and new affordable, flexible office space for business start-ups as well as commercial housing on the site of the former car park and the former extension.  The interior of the Town Hall will be refurbished and the central courtyard transformed from a car park into a reception and circulation centre with a glass dome on top of the existing building to provide the necessary light and the extra office space that will be needed for those currently housed in the extension.


There are also to be discussions with Transport for London and the GLA to explore the possibility of improvements to the route to the river across the A4. The current designs for the scheme are available on line at .


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