AGM 2018  took place on Monday 19 November at Lady Margaret’s School, Parsons Green at 7 pm.  The business part of the meetingwas followed by a talk and glass of wine.

Fiona Fowler the Society’s chairman gave the following summary : 

Fiona thanked the Committee for all their help; Alan Rainbow for his help with the technical problems; and above all, Maya Donelan, who did so much of the work despite Fiona’s efforts to cut her workload.  She said that sadly John Putnam, who had been both Chairman and Vice-Chairman of the Fulham Society, had died the previous month. 

She updated members on what had been happening during the past year.  There had been no major planning initiatives but there had been a number of changes or setbacks to plans.

Some large projects have gone quiet:

  • Nothing was happening at Chelsea FC, merely lots of rumours, none of which had been confirmed.
  • Fulham FC had received revised planning permission in March, little seems to be happening although one assumes there are negotiations going on with the Council behind the scenes.
  • There is no change at the Parsons Green depot or sadly at Fulham Town Hall.

Others have had to adapt their plans:

The Gasworks and Chelsea Creek have had to increase the amount of social housing they will provide but the developers have shown little imagination in how they do it: they just add extra floors.

Capco has problems. It has sold Lillie Square and the Empress State Building. The Council is trying to regain control of the Gibbs Green and West Kensington estates. Apparently Capco is in ‘discussion’ to sell the whole development to a Hong Kong billionaire.

The Castle Club in Broomhouse Road is no longer going to be used as a school: the plan now is that it will be used as a care home for those suffering from Alzheimer’s.

Some projects have been delayed: 

  • The opening of Riverside Studios will now open in summer 2019 because of extra health and safety regulations following the fire at Grenville Tower.
  • The Community Centre in South Park is due to open at the end of 2019, not in the summer.
  • Some good news. The trees will be going in at London House on the New Kings Road.

Fiona ended with a brief description of the social events of the year:

  • Caroline MacMillan led an excellent walk in the Spring starting at the former Women’s Prison and ending at Fulham Palace.
  • In September Niel Redpath led a walk along the towpath from Wandsworth Bridge to Imperial Wharf.
  • The Society visited the Riverside Studios and were most impressed by its plans.
  • Members had a very hot, sunny day at the Parsons Green Fair and lovely hot summer evening at the Summer party in the garden of Fulham Palace attended by the H&F mayor.
  • A first was the very successful Front Garden Competition. The Garden Competition had been a great success and would be repeated the following year and she thank all those who had been involved in its organisation.


we still need more members to join the committee or at least volunteer to help . If you would like to stand for the committee please contact Maya Donelan or Fiona Fowler ( see contact page) .  In particular, we are looking for members :

  •  who have a knowledge of planning policy , planning process and planning law and will be able to assist the committee in scrutinising planning applications
  •  who enjoy organising  and would be able to instigate a small programme of  members events
  • who have time to update the web site content – you don’t have to and have had  experience with web site content management systems Yo will need to give around a couple of hours per week
  • who would enjoy taking  photos  around Fulham for the web site