The Fulham Society has made a strong case to the Mayor of London for a new drinking water fountain and bottle filler to be installed on Eel Brook Common.  The Mayor has secured funding for the full cost of installing 100 new fountains across London, as part of a move to reduce the use of plastic bottles, and asked landowners to bid for particular sites.  The Fulham Society, supported by our members and both of the local ward councillors, believe one of these should be on Eel Brook Common, which according to the latest Council survey, is the second busiest park in Fulham, after Bishop’s Park (which has both a drinking fountain and a tap and bowl for dogs).   The new fountain would be placed in the same location as one that was there in the past, at the path crossing in the centre of the park.  This should make installation easier as well as being convenient for users of the common and nearby Parsons Green.    We are pleased to confirm that the LB of Hammersmith & Fulham have also applied to the Mayor for a fountain to be installed at this particular site.  If the site is approved by the Mayor, the fountain should be installed in 2019 and will be cleaned and maintained for a minimum of 25 years by Thames Water.