Ever since the developers of 100 New King’s Road sought planning permission to knock the old building down and build to the back edge of the pavement Fulham Society has been keen to see  the huge trees  that used to dominate the 70’s office block  replaced . The building that was demolished was set some way back from the road and was largely hidden by two very large mature plane trees.

Initially representations were made to the planners that the very mature trees should be retained . However the scheme was consented but the planners included a condition that the trees should be replaced .

The developer , London Square finished the new building some time ago and despite the planning condition requiring new street trees to be planted –  no trees appeared . Fulham Society followed this up with the planners .  London Square initially claimed that there was no room for the trees in the pavement, Fulham Society kept pestering  . We are very pleased to report  that three trees have been planted recently.

Fulham Society committee members work hard to ensure that developers who have make undertakings are called to account  . There aren’t enough members actively involved so if you think this is something you can assist with and help monitor please volunteer!