January 30th 2019 , a bright and frosty morning was the perfect back drop to plant  two  sapling Fulham Oak Trees funded by the Fulham Society.

The Fulham Society is delighted to have donated these trees to the park and even more delighted that it could be a Fulham Oak. Both trees are near the railings alongside Broomhouse Lane, one close to the children’s play area, the other as far south as you can go towards Hurlingham Club. We are also donating a bench to be sited near this play area.

Quercus Fulhamensis is described as an unusual, elegant evergreen oak with dark green leaves and a handsome, vertically fissured, corky bark even on quite young specimens. It is semi evergreen to full evergreen and grows to 12-15m in height.  The leaves are dark green on top whereas the underside has grey-white hairs.

Ably assisted by Fiona Fowler , Gamoz led the tree planting having prepared the ground for the tiny  saplings, less than 1.5m in height

Never heard of a Fulham Oak  ? Follow the link  below to find out more . The Fulham Oak is a very special tree as it is semi evergreen to a full evergreen  and grows to 12-15m in height.



From left to right : Fiona spading in the soil , a  mature Fulham Oak further along the same boundary of the park , a close up of the Fulham Oak leaf ,

second row : Gamoz finishing the protection to tree number two near the Hurlingham Club boundary 

Fulham Society was represented by  chair Fiona Fowler and treasurer  Isobel Hillsmith . Also attending was Katie Garner representing Hurlingham District Residents Association & Friends of Hurlingham Park