Hammersmith Bridge closed to motor traffic  in April 2019 and will remain closed until major safety critical work is completed . The wait could be three years……. it could be longer .

The bridge was built in 1887 and is Grade II listed . It is a wrought iron suspension bridge with a wooden deck supporting steel plates . It is owned and managed by Hammersmith and Fulham Borough Council as the Highway Authority and it carried the A306 and over 20,000 vehicles per day – not what it was designed for !

The repairs are will cost £40m and Hammersmith and Fulham say that they cannot afford it – TFL say they do not have the money so the appeal has now gone to the government but in the meantime West London has lost a vital  bridge  connecting the transport hub and working community of Hammersmith  with Barnes, Sheen, Mortlake , Richmond as well as Putney and Wandsworth .

What is the loss of the bridge  doing to our local economy already? The traffic around Putney and Wandsworth Bridges is at times completely grid locked  – not helped by other road  and bridge closures.

Fulham Society would like to make representations to the Council and local MP’s in H&F and surrounding Boroughs – let us know how it has affected you .by contacting info@fulhamsociety.org



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