October 2019

Hoardings are now erected around the site


April 2019 update


An application has been submitted for a single storey pavilion for community use – this is a reserved matter relating to the larger scheme

There are now dozens of applications to discharge planning conditions and deal with reserved matters concerning the site. The original planning permission is reference 2018/02100/COMB

May 2018 update

Representatives of your Committee met the developers recently for an update. A revised planning application will be submitted to the Council in May. It appears that the Council have put pressure on the developers to increase the affordable housing element to 35% of the site. This is part of a general trend by the Council which often has a detrimental effect on the developments. This has caused the developers to reconsider the height of the three tower blocks which will now be increased from 16, 18 and 27 storeys to 25, 28 and 37 storeyes. Your Committee is strongly opposed to such heights particularly when these will all be so close together and are bound to have an adverse impact on the environment – winds, light and shadow as well as views from the surrounding area. The tallest building will be about the same height as the tower block in the Lots Road Power Station site though this is ‘diamond’ shaped and not so unsightly as the tower blocks on the Gas Works site. The other design features – the open spaces, the through roads and paths and the retention of older buildings – some Grade 2 listed – on the site are welcomed.


The Society is planning another walk around the area in September.



May 2018                                                                                            June 2018



Probably the oldest gas holder in the world gas holder 2 built in 1829/1830 ,  is now  Grade 2 *listed . This designation is described for’ particularly important buildings of more than special interest’.

The Imperial Gas Company purchased the Sandford Manor Estate in Fulham in 1824 for use as a gas holder station. The first gas holder was erected a little south of Sandford Manor in 1824, a second one following soon after and two more being added in 1827. The listed gas holder dating from 1830 still stands on the site . It is the oldest known gas holder built during the reign of George IV.

From 1908 until 1917 a low gravity gas was made and stored separately on the site for transmission to the Hurlingham Club where it was used for ballooning !

For more history and intriguing facts about the gas holder site you will need to become a Fulham society member and receive our newsletter .

An application was submitted by National Grid, the owners  of the site of this large 17 acre site to dismantle the gas holders. Alongside the application they have asubmitted a master plan for the site that will establish the framework for the future development of the site . for more detail go to www.imperialroadgasholders.com

Fulham Society broadly welcomes the redevelopment of the site and originally asked for gasholder 7 also to be  retained (dated 1877) , the employment zone safeguarded and affordable homes for local people provided as part of the scheme. Gas holder 7 cannot be saved whole but parts of the frame will be incorporated in to the scheme