Update October 2020 

Very few residents can be unaware of the fairly catastrophic traffic queues across South Fulham caused by the implementation of the Traffic Reduction Scheme east of the Wandsworth Bridge Road. Locals have kicked in to gear and formed an action group :  Wandsworth Bridge Road Association

The group has quickly become active and engaged with the Council and  locals and  has come up with well thought through ideas rather than just being a protest group.

Imposing such an extreme scheme with no consultation and little research was bound to create chaos but just may be something good can come out of this but we need the Council to listen and TFL to stop hiding behind their lack of resource . A lot of people’s morning and evenings already complicated by Covid have been made almost impossible .





July 2020 

A new traffic reduction scheme is being introduced in Sands End from the 20th July.

The signs are up and householders written to and consulted  but what about businesses in the area have they been consulted ?


Hammersmith and Fulham Council hope that the scheme will reduce ‘rat running’ by non residents in  and around the roads to the east of Wandsworth Bridge Road .

Has the Council taken in to account the increase in traffic over Wandsworth Bridge caused by the closure of Hammersmith Bridge ?

See  the map and letter to residents :

20200711 map H&F restricted roads

20200711 ltr H&F restricted roads

The closure of Harwood Road last October has been linked to the scheme now introduced as a trial measure. This caused traffic chaos immediately but  had been introduced with no advanced warning or consultation . It was only the lock down effect on traffic that dampened down local feeling .

Let the Council know what you think about the scheme once it is implemented – hopefully it will reduce pollution as intended , no doubt it will suit some and cause others inconvenience.

If we end up having static traffic queues in Wandsworth Bridge Road and roads to the west we can only hope that the Council will listen and learn.