The Hammersmith Residents Bridge Campaign are organising a march along the river from Craven Cottage, Stevenage Road to the Hammersmith Bridge this Saturday 5 December. Meet at FFC at 2 pm. For more information see

Latest news on the Bridge:
TfL has agreed to foot the bill of £10 million for a temporary ferry service. It has launched a procurement process for a 12 month (with the possibility of extending to 5 years) cross-Thames ferry service up river from the bridge. The intended start date of the contract is February 2021. It looks as if this will be a floating bridge coupled with a navigable pontoon. This seems to have been preferred to the idea of using a ‘Duck’, a purpose-built amphibious bus (like the military DUKWs) that can drive on water and land. The Harrods Wharf had been offered free to Richmond Council as a possible solution and the slipway by Riverside Studios could have been used on this side.

On 26th November, Hammersmith and Fulham Council unveiled a new proposal (click here) to build a “double decker” bridge within Hammersmith Bridge’s existing structure. This could operate within a year and would allow pedestrians and cyclists to use a new lower deck and cars and buses to drive on the upper deck while the work continued.

The Hammersmith Bridge Task Force has confirmed that work to stabilise the bridge’s cracked pedestals has begun at a cost of £46 million, and would enable pedestrians and cyclists to use the bridge when finished.